Rats learned to drive a car (VIDEO)

Крыс научили водить машину (ВИДЕО)

Scientists have shown that rodents are able to control the car, if at the finish waiting for their treat.

American scientists from the University of Richmond has published a video in which rats run a small electric toy cars, collected from plastic bottles and spare parts toy car. Rodents showed the ability not only to drive in a straight line, but manoeuvring.

The machine is controlled by three levers – one is responsible for the movement right, the second left, third right. Subjects were divided into two groups and cultivated in different ways: under normal conditions and with exercise. First, rats learned to get the car in motion, and then to go to the final destination where there was a trough with a treat.

It is not surprising that trained rodents in the second group is much better coped with the test driving. The experts also studied how driving affects rats: it turned out that the machine they “relaxes”.

Six years ago in New Zealand taught to drive two dogs. Dogs have started the car, pressed the brake pedal to engage the gear, and taxied controlled by the accelerator. First behind the wheel put a Schnauzer named Monty – he became the world’s first dog, who was able to travel a predetermined distance. Then it was the turn of dog porter, but he did worse Monti at the end of the route got off the road slightly.