Rats ran In Venezuela continues a betrayal of the higher commanders

Крысы побежали: В Венесуэле продолжается предательство высших военачальников

This time an apostate was an air force General, which is the Francisco Esteban Yanes Rodriguez. On 2 February he changed to the oath and admitted, Guido leader of the country.

Thus, the rats run. In Venezuela, the continuing treachery of the highest generals. Shortly before it became a traitor to the military attaché to the United States.

At the same time, a new betrayal doesn’t carry serious continue. The army General did not obey, he did, mostly just planning.

Rodriguez said that is ready to implement the orders of Guido. However, it is unknown how it will be to implement it. His few subordinates have spoken about what I think is the position of his treacherous commander.

February 2, in Venezuela and a continued rally in support of Maduro. They are confined to what in this day in office 20 years ago he joined Hugo Chavez. He is considered the progenitor of “socialist Bolivarian revolution”.

According to the latest information on this rally it’s a huge number of people, the mood of which can be described as joyful. Rather, it resembles a carnival.

At the same time, this phenomenon is quite natural for Latin American countries. As, however, and betrayal.

Venezuela is no exception. However, Maduro, according to many political analysts, has already passed the most difficult times.

Now run only those rats, which he himself would be banished in the near future.