Ravshana Kurkova told how he moved to Moscow

Равшана Куркова рассказала, как переехала в Москву

Ravshana Kurkova grew up in a family of artists: my mother played in the movie, dad was on the stage. The future of Ravshan was not even raised: in the 12 years young Kurkova played a small role in Arthouse film “the Secret of the ferns”, and in the 8th grade studied all subjects in English. The parents know that they have gifted in every sense of the child.

By the way, the study of English influenced the choice Ravshan to move to Moscow to enter the Philology faculty of the Moscow pedagogical state University. The actress says that Moscow immediately seemed impregnable, and the pace of life in the big city could hardly match the pace, accustomed girl.

When I first came to Moscow 20 years ago, she stunned me with its scale, pace, number of people, events, phenomena, confessed Kurkova. – Week of life in the capital is equal to month in any other city. At first glance, Moscow seemed to be unavailable, cold (I came here in the fall), most business friendly and very beautiful. She was tested for durability for a long time, with distrust looked, felt“.

After studying at Moscow state pedagogical University Kurkova worked as an editor on television and an assistant Director. Later, she attended a course of lectures at the Institute of Cinematography and began to study acting. In many respects the work, a clear knowledge of what he wanted Ravshan and steel nature helped her to succeed. Later, the actress has come to understand the tempo and the peculiarities of Moscow, along with the love for this city.

To stay the predetermined course, not to get lost in all of this is very helpful to study, work and strong character. If not immediately, but gradually my love for this city became mutual, – said the actress. – I love Moscow and the people who surround me. See the magnitude of the heart of this city, his capabilities. For me, this place of strength, inspiration. Wherever, wherever it rested, no matter how much traveling I miss this town and always come back with joy“.

Today, ravshana Kurkova appears frequently on the screen. Recently, the actress was spotted at the premiere of the film “Abigail,” directed by Alexander Boguslavsky. In the film he played a major role.

Равшана Куркова рассказала, как переехала в Москву