Raw food is injurious to health

Сыроедение вредит здоровью

Nutritionist Catherine Pavlov urged people to abandon such a power system, like a raw food diet. Writes Newsmir.info referring to Chronicle info.

She recalled that in this type of power allowed the use of only raw vegetables, fruits and nuts. This makes the raw food diet is harmful to health. Because people can’t live without a balanced diet. Following the raw food diet, people deprive themselves of adequate amounts of protein, calcium and iron. In addition, the background develops vitamin deficiency. In particular, people lack vitamins A, b and D. All this is fraught with negative consequences. Insufficient quantity of fat in the diet can lead to infertility, problems with hormones, miscarriages, reduced sexual desire and more.

Besides, Ekaterina Pavlova pointed out the dangers of eating large amounts of fruits. In this case, there is a glut in the human body fructose. This leads to destabilization of the psyche and the deterioration of the teeth. It is also worth remembering that cancer cells love glucose. And its in sweet fruit abound.