Razer pleased with the update of the display for your gaming laptop Blade Pro 17

Razer радует обновлением дисплея для своего игрового ноутбука Blade Pro 17

The company Razer, which produces the most that neither is hardcore gaming accessories and devices, today announced the update of its gaming laptop, the Razer Blade Pro 17, which will soon be available with the updated display with the vertical scan in as many as 300 Hz which is more than a unique moment even in the segment of gaming notebooks. Not every gaming monitor has such a striking indicator of the sweep, not to mention laptops – but that’s not all that undergo the model in its upcoming release, because the company had prepared some more aces in my sleeve.

She also informed the user that intends to release two configurations of the new gaming laptop – they differ mainly by the resolution of the display and different discrete graphics cards, but both are designed to give a really high level of efficiency and versatility. We are talking about configurations with FullHD display and display in 4K, each of whom will receive the sweep 300 Hz and redesigned LED lighting.

Inside will also be a noticeable difference in terms of graphics cards, in the face of average performance chip 2070 RTX Max-Q and high-RTX 2080 Super Max-Q – even though the Junior model obviously draws on more than a high level of performance even in the most demanding applications and games. As for the rest of the configuration, it will be completely identical – Intel Core i7-1087H clocked up to 5.1 GHz, from 16 to 64 GB of RAM on the user’s choice and 1 to 2 TB SSD drive also free the user’s choice, depending on what it needs.

Despite the fact that the configuration will have different resolutions, the physical size of the display remains unchanged at 17.3 inches and offers a really high level of quality visual display – we can only speculate as to what other characteristics and features of Razer will hide in a new model. The cost models will vary from 2,600 USD to 3,800 USD.

Razer радует обновлением дисплея для своего игрового ноутбука Blade Pro 17

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