Razer terminates his shop Razer Game Store

Razer прекращает работу своего магазина Razer Game Store

The American company Razer announced that it is closing its digital distribution service Razer Game Store. Note, the store has worked less than a year, launched it in April 2018, and will cease operations, he is already 28 Feb 2019.

Features of the store. According to the Overclockers website, Razer Game Store was not engaged in the direct distribution of licensed copies of games and only sell keys for Steam, Uplay, Origin and other services. So Razer Game Store not to worry, because all their purchases would remain unchanged in their respective digital stores.

When you close the shop? Officially Razer Game Store will close in 1 hour Pacific time (11:00 Kyiv time) February 28, 2019. As stated in official use, it is connected with the reorganization of the company structure.

Razer прекращает работу своего магазина Razer Game Store

Razer Game Store will cease operations February 28, 2019

Discounts in the store. At the moment the store has good discounts, for example 80% for Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition ($20) and Watch Dogs Complete Edition ($10), 67% on Assassin’s Creed Origins (19.8 USD), and 70% on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Advanced Edition ($18).

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