Razin ridiculed his creed and

Разин высмеял Шнурова и Крида

Producer of “Tender may” spoke on the earnings of Russian celebrities.

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Andrei Razin, citing figures from Forbes about earnings of the Russian performers, said that gets much more. He said this on his page on “Instagram”.

The producer posted a photograph of Sergei Shnurov, Yegor kreed and Dima Bilan. He argues that even if we add the earnings of these stars together, anyway, they would get much less.

“In accordance with the approved declarations, I for five years only in one year received as much money as the three of them together have earned,” he wrote.

However, according to Razin, bragging about his wealth he does not like.

In accordance with fresh data of Forbes magazine, Sergey Shnurov earned about $ 9 million for the year, Yegor kreed and Dima Bilan – 6.9 and 6.8 million, respectively. They are the most popular singers on the Russian stage.

Andrey Razin has become popular because the group “Tender may”, which began producing in the late 80’s After the departure of Yuri Shatunova he took the place of the singer. In addition to the creative activities, Razin has income from the Sochi hotel, which houses the exhibition in honor of “Tender may”.

Now Andrey Razin and Yuri Shatunov find out the relationship of the use of the rights to the songs of “Tender may”. Razin allegedly prohibits his former mentee to perform their own hits, including “White roses” “Gray-haired night”.

Recently it became known that the lead singer was in the hospital.