Razumkov broke down and gave a slap in the face to the people now can not eat and drink

Разумков не выдержал и дал оплеуху нардепам - теперь нельзя есть и пить

Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov chastised deputies for lewd behavior in the courtroom and in the Parliament building. He urged colleagues not to be distracted from work for personal business. It is reported by Ukrainian Pravda.

Comment the speaker made during the conciliation Council on February 17. Razumkov said that he visited the regions of the country and heard the views of citizens about the MPs. He said that voters mostly have a positive attitude to work of the Verkhovna Rada, and they praise the deputies for the regular presence in the workplace.

Razumkov in Parliament Photo: UNIAN

However, the Ukrainians do not agree with the behavior of the deputies in the workplace. Coffee and tea, phones, food in lunch boxes, personal questions are annoying voters. Razumkov cited the comment of a Ukrainian, who said that is a teacher and she has no time for personal business. All day busy with checking notebooks, communication with parents, conduct lessons, and by the time it is the same as that of the MPs. She asked the question about why they have enough time for that?

After that, the Razumkov urged MPs to make sure that the Ukrainians did not put the hard and uncomfortable questions, that they may see that MPs work for their constituents and for the good of the country.

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Razumkov at the conciliatory Council Photo: 112 Ukraine

It is worth noting that photographers and cameramen with their boxes on the balcony many times recorded “travel” deputies through the pages of online stores, browsing of TV shows and movies, reading Newspapers and news, card games, and even ordering prostitutes for the evening. Especially notable was Alexander Dubinsky, who decided to eat in the session hall of the lunch box.

Recently, the network appeared the news about who and how helped the Prime Minister Goncharuk to hush up the scandal tapes, in which he reported that Zelensky an empty place in my head. Arakhamia dispelled the rumors and told how all was actually. The head of the faction said that he had advised Goncharuk apply Zelensky, as the conflict they had, in fact, personal. The result of the Prime stay afloat.

Alexander Dubinsky eat from the lunch box Photo: screenshot

Not less loud was the scandal and Bohdan Yaremenko, who spotted the call girls of easy behaviour during the working day. This Deputy has lost its leadership position in the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada and left in the shade. In a society sharply enough apprehended the fact that such correspondence and discussion intimate pleasures in the workplace.

Another striking scandal has enriched the lives of Ukrainians Ilya Kiva. He touched his penis and then told me that he’s got an itch.

Разумков не выдержал и дал оплеуху нардепам - теперь нельзя есть и пить

Разумков не выдержал и дал оплеуху нардепам - теперь нельзя есть и пить

Разумков не выдержал и дал оплеуху нардепам - теперь нельзя есть и пить