Razumkov fired? Speaker of Parliament confessed to everything. Here’s what we hide from

Разумкова уволят? Спикер Рады признался во всем. Вот, что от нас скрывали

Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov told what’s his relationship with President Vladimir Zelensky. He also denies possible resignation, about which recently there have been persistent rumors. The politician gave an interview to the correspondents of the TV channel Ukraine 24.

On the question of the relationship with the President and the possible dismissal of the Razumkov gave explanations and dispelled the myths. In particular, he explained that he remains the team President Zelensky. Also Razumkov told that in a network there are only rumors about which he knows nothing.

The speaker confidently stated that he has a good relationship with Zelensky and on a personal level and professional. He further expressed hope that the President shares this statement.

Razumkov opened all the footage of his dismissal Photo: screenshot 112-Ukraine

Further, the Razumkov told that he had not suspended his membership in the party “servant of the people” and resigned as Chairman of the party, so as to combine this work with the work of a speaker is not possible. He believes that the party requires a lot of time and effort. Razumkov said that party-building and campaign eat 26 hours out of 24 per day. Therefore the speaker chose the work of the speaker with full dedication to the Parliament and left on their colleagues ‘ work in the party.

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It should be noted that in mass media there was information that allegedly Zelensky and Razumkov had a fight and now the President can dismiss followed by the government and the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada. Then the quarrel occurred on the background of the fact that the President demanded the speaker to take responsibility for the antics of “servants”, and the Razumkov refused and suggested that the party was responsible for it. Zelensky suggested Razumkov going to quit if something is not satisfied.

In addition, experts predict a quick dismissal and most Zelensky. After all, his approval rating is falling, and the methodology of the campaign “draw a President” no longer works. Any movement in either direction will lead to loss of ratings. The expert also explained that Zelensky is free to choose its own quick death, dismissing the government Goncharuk and replacing it with the government of Shmigas. The latter also showed that he is a layman, as the previous head of government in all spheres, not only in the economy.