Razumkov: Freedom of speech does not mean that you can pour someone a bucket of slops

Разумков: Свобода слова не означает, что можно выливать на кого-то ушат помоев

The biggest problem of Ukraine are fakes. This opinion of the speaker of Parliament Dmitry Razumkov expressed “Focus” in an interview published on 15 November.

“Fakes are a huge problem. During the election campaign I personally do not times it has faced. I think if the newspaper is fake, it is not journalism. It’s part of a dirty political fight. Freedom of speech is one of the important items that are in the Ukraine and which can not boast of many of our neighbors. This is what you need to preserve and enhance. But freedom of speech does not mean that you can pour someone a bucket of slops” – he said.

The speaker of the Parliament believes that the issue of criminal liability for slander “we need to keep a delicate balance”.

“We have many politicians often say things that are not true. And how to punish them for it? The same situation is with the media. When the media are used as information weapons, whether administered criminally responsible? I’m not sure. But does this mean that it is not necessary to look for mechanisms to combat the fakes that are coming from other States, for example out of the aggressor state, and form a negative image of Ukraine in Europe and the United States? – asks the Razumkov.

In early November the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky instructed the Cabinet of Ministers until December 31 to legislate on regulating the activity of media in Ukraine. In particular, Zelensky proposes to develop regulations “on the requirements and standards of news, mechanisms to prevent the dissemination of inaccurate, distorted information, refute it, the prohibition for individuals and legal entities of the aggressor state to own or Finance the media in Ukraine, and also to provide strengthening of responsibility for violation of legislation on information.”

The Minister of culture, youth and sports Vladimir Borodyansky said that the government in Ukraine does not intend to regulate the standards of news. According to the Minister, there was a “terminological misunderstanding” due to a false application of the term “standards news” in the documents of his Ministry. “We did not intend and do not intend to regulate the standards of news. That’s right – only professional community”, – said Borodyansky.