Razumkov: Poroshenko holds Zelensky one hand, and the second fills the collar carpacci the brown stuff

Разумков: Порошенко протягивает Зеленскому одну руку, а второй заливает за шиворот черпачки коричневой жижи

Current Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko sincerely offered a helping hand to the candidate in presidents of Ukraine, showman Vladimir Zelensky. This opinion on April 23 in Facebook expressed political consultant Dmitry Zelensky Razumkov.

“The President after announcement of the exit polls holds out one hand, saying that he recognizes the victory Zelensky (and how not to recognize the gap three times), and the other continues to dial in a scoop of brown water and pour it over the collar, Vladimir Aleksandrovich. This is a unique case, when the authorities not guilty “paperednik” and “zastupnici” before they even started to perform their duties”, – he wrote.

In the example of the Razumkov cited the situation with the nationalization of “PrivatBank”.

“The first scoop. The court’s decision in “PrivatBank”. But for several years the command of the President PR that almost made the reform of the judicial system. Now, this “reform” President of the court decides that the nationalization of the Bank was illegal. Based on this there are four options, or one of the “curators of the administration of the President of the courts” agreed with [businessman Igor] Kolomoisky, or so screwed to the new President, or no one system was unable to reform, and as such she was, or nationalization was carried out with violations of procedures. Question: what does Zelensky?”, – he wrote.

The second “scoop” Razumkov called Poroshenko’s statement about the arrival of the revenge-seekers from the old Pro-Russian government or oligarchy.

“The third scoop. The decision of the constitutional court or “predictions” Poroshenko decisions of the constitutional court. Peter predicts that the court will cancel the electronic Declaration and it will lead to the loss of bezveza… the Question, and who delegated to the constitutional court these judges? Not yet a legitimate guarantor of the Constitution? Not Happy, which until recently, Poroshenko was the full impact? Six judges of the quota of the President, six are Happy and it is their responsibility, not the new government. And yet, on whom political responsibility for the fact that these same judges are multiplied by the “0” article on illicit enrichment? This is the real “revanchism” from the team Poroshenko. The fourth scoop. About the apology. Here Peter is right… Wait. For Gladkowski, for boards with Putin, for abuse 73% of the country’s voters, for the abolition of the article on illicit enrichment and much more… But wait, apparently, we long…,” he said.

Razumkov added that the team expects even Zelensky “chebacco” from Poroshenko.

“But we are not afraid. It’s not an easy path, that we with you will have to go. And we will succeed, no matter what we stick in the wheel is not inserted”, – he concluded.

21 April 2019 in Ukraine held the second round of presidential elections, the turnout was of 61.37%. According to processing of 100% of electronic protocols of the founder and artistic Director of the Studio “Quarter-95” Vladimir Zelensky voted 73,22% of the vote for Poroshenko – 24,45%. The official data of the CEC will announce after receiving all protocols with wet stamps from the district election commissions.

Poroshenko after the announcement of preliminary data, “National exit poll” said that next month will leave the post of the head of state, but will not leave politics.

“Between the official announcement of the election results and inauguration I’m ready without any limits to spend any amount of time to help the new President to enter the course of Affairs in the smallest details. Moreover, I am willing to give him the entire network of international support of Ukraine”, – he said.