Razumkov praised the work of the Odessa company “Telecard-Device”

Разумков высоко оценил работу одесского предприятия «Телекарт-Прибор»

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmitry Razumkov, who made 23 Jan working visit to Odessa region and visited the company “Telecard-Device”, which produces modern digital communications, military technology and telecommunications, praised his work.

About it Razumkov said at a press conference, UKRINFORM correspondent reported.

“At the time, all the pay phones in Ukraine made in Odessa “Telecard-Device”. Now the enterprise works, unfortunately, not at full capacity, but even in these conditions he managed to attract $ 20 million investments. This is a good indicator for domestic producers”, – said the speaker of Parliament.

Razumkov noted that the average salary in the company, which employs almost five hundred workers, is about 11 thousand UAH. I would like to have more of in Ukraine of such companies.

In turn, the General Director of factory “Telecard-Device” Alexey Kozlov has specified, answering a question of the UKRINFORM correspondent that last year, the production team made up of production of modern products, including the Armed forces of Ukraine with total capacity of 400 million UAH.

“In the current 2020 plan to overcome the barrier of output of half a billion UAH. We will, in particular, to continue to produce as a number of military complexes, which have been adopted, and to develop and manufacture new products for formations of Ground forces, aviation and naval forces of the armed forces of Ukraine”, – said Kozlov.

In particular, according to him, last year started production complex “Supervisory command” and gave the aviators “mobile control takeoff and landing on the ground”. The company also produces systems provide secure communications fixed ground control stations and on-Board Navy – on ships.

“Telecard-Device” also exports the products to foreign customers.

“Successfully cooperating with NATO structures, have got almost all standards, including closed – through the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Went to a specialized subgroup of NATO, which is conducting quarterly meetings in different countries of the world. This is an opportunity to improve systems of communication and control. The last such meeting was held in the fall of 2019 in Canada, and the following proposed to be held in March of this year in Odessa, on the basis of our enterprise”, – said the Director of the plant.

Разумков высоко оценил работу одесского предприятия «Телекарт-Прибор»

Разумков высоко оценил работу одесского предприятия «Телекарт-Прибор»