Re quarantine in Kazakhstan. What will be the consequences?

Повторный карантин в Казахстане. Какими будут последствия?

Re quarantine measures against the spread of coronavirus, threaten Kazakhstan’s political crisis. What is the reason and who could be profitable?

The Ministry of health of Kazakhstan denies the information spread “in some media of China” in Kazakhstan cases of a Kazakhstani variant of pneumonia, mortality is higher than from COVID-19. However, in addition to media, July 8, about this danger notified its citizens Embassy of China in Kazakhstan. On the same day the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev made an appeal in connection with the second wave of coronavirus and re-imposed quarantine. However, this treatment was not only due to epidemiological and political situation in the Republic.

Political symptom in Kazakhstan epidemic coronavirus

“In the Kazakh version of COVID-19 has a distinct political symptom. We are now talking about the system of citizens ‘ dissatisfaction with the current government, which is a symptom of the political crisis,” – says opposition politician Amirzhan Kosanov. But what caused such a sharp discontent of the population?

July 6, Nur-Sultan hosted a spectacular fireworks display. Formally, he was held at the initiative of the mayor of the capital in connection with the celebration of city day. But based on the fact that fireworks was arranged in honor of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who on that day 80 years. Some opposition activists July 6 and offered to make this day a day of mourning for the dead from coronavirus and pneumonia. The fact that their number in Kazakhstan has increased dramatically after the abolition of strict quarantine measures in mid-March was introduced by the authorities. The Internet in those days, there was a video shot in Alma-ATA. It is visible the place of the relatives for the issuance of the corpses in the morgue.

Victims of coronavirus in Kazakhstan

According to the chief editor of “Novaya Gazeta-Kazakhstan” Alexander Krasner, journalists checked the information and confirmed the morgues of Alma-ATA can not cope with the results of the bodies because of their number. “On personal observations I can say that already in a circle of friends to die, not old people, and there is already a lot. The situation is catastrophic,” – says the source DW. In this context, bloggers are reminded of how the Queen of England because of the epidemic of the coronavirus canceled the celebration of his birthday, and declared, that is to say, “public mourning”.

And on the 8th of July, this actually supported the President. On 13 July he appointed ceremonies. Alexander Krasner sees this as proof that the coronavirus in Kazakhstan – the political factor. “This is an attempt to seize the initiative from the opposition and to neutralize the tremendous discord that occurred July 6 in Nur-Sultan,” – he said. In assessing the degree of tension in society is unusually high, Krasner agree with Gasanovym. “It became clear after the head of state on 25 June appointed a new Minister of health, and he offered a four-week strict quarantine. This proposal initially received support from the administration of Kassym-Jomart Tokayev,” recalls editor in chief of “Novaya Gazeta-Kazakhstan”.

Kazakhstan price tests COVID-19

The March decision to impose emergency have also pursued political goal. “It’s no secret that the elites there are forces that are uncomfortable Kassym-Jomart Tokayev,” said Kosanov. Knowing this, the President used a state of emergency to restrict political activity of its opponents in the government and consolidating power in their hands. This goal he achieved by removing, for example, from the position of head of the Senate Dariga Nazarbayeva.

But, says Alexander Krasner, power, taken Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, turned to his “tangle of difficult problems in the mobilization of health and full razbalansirovat the state apparatus, which under the guise of quarantine measures, and began “sawing” the budget”.

While people due to an emergency sitting at home, it was not so noticeable. And when the “emergency of the first wave” ended, it became clear that “there was not a normal, affordable testing population, or organizations of hospital beds, although the money was allocated, no delivery in the country the right amount of medicine, no effective economic support of the population,” he continues. Moreover, there was blatant sabotage of some necessary action on the part of certain officials and entire governments.

That’s just one example. “Testing is expensive, up to 20 000 tenge. And when the network of medical centers Sunkar in Almaty brought foreign testers and the people were to test for 5000 tenge, came straight from the competent authorities and began to put a spoke in the wheel,” says Krasner.

Soft quarantine and the timing of the rumors about the pandemic

In this situation the sentence again to quarantine them for four weeks met an unusually sharp response from the media and Internet community, including government resources and bloggers loyal to Kassym-Zhomart Tokaev. Explicitly stated that such measures will achieve economy and may lead to rebellion, so as to contain the population Central government is not able, and on the ground is not going to.

As a result, the President has introduced a much softer quarantine than was offered by the Minister of health. Planes, intercity buses go. Instead of four weeks there are two. So the government reacted to the pressure of society. Although the appeal to the people, delivered on July 8, “we noted, and a threat for spreading rumors, for the use of the situation to incite hatred – for it could face up to 7 years”, says Alexander Krasner.

Elections to the Senate, coronavirus and popularity Nazarbayev

And what the President’s opponents in power? “We have a paradoxical situation: the worse the state of Affairs of the second President, so it may be better for the first President and his entourage,” – said Amirzhan Kosanov. According to him, in the view of citizens of the Republic, Nazarbayev, unlike its successor, “would strictly deal with negligent officials in critical situations.” And in August there will be elections to the Senate. And “the group of Dariga Nazarbayeva,” which is in hidden opposition to Kassym-Zhomart Tokaev, against the backdrop of the failure of the government in the fight against the epidemic to strengthen its position there.

But Nursultan Nazarbayev, the coronavirus has not gained the people’s love. “He now gave an interview about his thirty years in power, told how to put an independent Republic on its feet. And not a word is said about the trouble which now swept the country. That is, indirectly he hinted that the situation with the virus should answer Tokayev. Although the government was formed under him, and of him”, – said Alexander Krasner. “And he misplaced celebrations now really whetted people,” said Krasner.

Повторный карантин в Казахстане. Какими будут последствия?

Повторный карантин в Казахстане. Какими будут последствия?

Повторный карантин в Казахстане. Какими будут последствия?

Повторный карантин в Казахстане. Какими будут последствия?

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