Real – Ajax: where to watch online Champions League match

Реал – Аякс: где смотреть онлайн матч Лиги чемпионов

One of the first niccacci protistan match-vdova 1/8 finalu Play League journal the camp of Gras “real” against “the Ajax”. Pereglyanulis match mozhna bude , in Ukraine. Wherein UC in teleajen, so I online.

The match real Madrid – Ajax Ukrainian viewers will show the channel “Football 1”. The broadcast starts at 21:55, the match will start at 22:00.

Watch online match real Madrid – Ajax will be on the website itself or on the website of the channel “Football 1/2”. However, to view the video you must register. In addition, pay 69 USD for a monthly subscription.

The match real Madrid – Ajax will take place on Tuesday, March 5. Beginning at 22:00. The first match between Ajax and real Madrid in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League brought victory to the Madrid team.

Video of goals and video highlights of the game real Madrid – Ajax on the website Спорт24 at the end of the game.

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