“Real” away in a tense match was won by Ajax in the Champions League: goals video

"Реал" на выезде в напряженном матче победил "Аякс" в Лиге чемпионов: видео голов

The first match between Ajax and real Madrid in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League brought victory to the Madrid team. So “cream” is closer to once again reach the quarterfinals of the tournament

Ajax – Real Madrid 1:2
Goals: Ziyech, 75 – Benzema, 60, Asencio, 87

Ajax from the start I decided to push on the gate Courtois. In one of the episodes only tackle on Casemiro front of the penalty area saved by “real” threat from the impact.

Before 10 minutes “Ajax” managed to escape in a counterattack. However, after hitting the ball Masrawi went past the far post. Schenna could have opened the score in this match. However, a free kick from 28 metres took over the wall of the players of real Madrid.

After that, they somewhat balanced the game. And Vinicius even a dangerous shot on goal Onan. But to no avail.

In the middle of the first half, only the woodwork saved real Madrid from conceding a goal. After hitting Tadic the ball hit the post and flew out of bounds. Once again is Courtois saved when the gate is “creamy” shot Zieh – player of “Ajax” was almost one on one with goalkeeper, but his shot was unsuccessful.

But sent the ball over the goal line “Ajax” following error Courtois almost immediately after that. After a corner kick, the goalkeeper played poorly when receiving the ball, and he bounced to Talarico that head shot. And here he took the system VAR. Match referee Damir Skomina has decided to review the replay and disallowed the goal. At the time of the attack, Tagliafico was in an offside position.

Nezaschitanny goal even more “loaded” with the team from Amsterdam. Tadic with China again could open the account in this meeting. But in the first case, the striker did not hit after the stunning dribbling. The second was saved by Courtois.

Videoobzor first half of the match Ajax – real

In the second half at the beginning, the teams exchanged dangerous moments. First shot archly Benzema, but Onan pulled out a ball from the bottom corner of the goal, and then NARES ran to the counter. But it reflected the impact of Courtois.

At the sixtieth minute, real Madrid took the lead. Although the scorer is Benzema deserves all the credit Vinicius Junior. The Brazilian received the ball on the course, pushing his opponent on the flank, entered the penalty area, where he gathered around himself three defenders, then gave the ball to Benzema. All that was left to the forward – to score the goal past the goalkeeper. Which he did.

To equalize, Ajax have wasted 15 minutes. Neres gave an accurate pass parallel to the goal line on Syesha, which struck the gate rivals. Courtois rushed for the ball, but to reach it failed.

But at the end of the meeting “Ajax” missed it again. Marco Asensio, who came on as a substitute in touch has closed a lumbago from the flank, beating an opponent.

Video of the second half of Ajax – real

Real Madrid wins the first leg of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. Now the team has much more chances of advancing to the quarterfinals of the tournament. Everything will be decided on March 5 after the match in Madrid