Real dad and grandpa of Wales: Prince Charles in the new film BBC – touching photos – 24 Channel

Справжній тато та дідусь Уельський: принц Чарльз у новому фільмі BBC – зворушливі фото - 24 Канал

To the 70th birthday of Prince Charles, the BBC news channel made a documentary about his life. In the movie he shares personal, played with Prince Louis and granddaughter of Camilla, and tells about relationships. Such honesty the world will see for the first time.

This is reported in The Daily Mail.

The film featuring the entire Royal family to mark the anniversary of Prince Charles, the BBC revealed during a live broadcast on Thursday, 8 November.

The footage, proud of grandson Prince Charles fun smiling and holding the hand of the youngest heir. Prince Louis is sitting in light clothing in the hands of Kate Middleton, which dressed in a blue dress with white polka dots.

The shooting took place in September in the garden of Clarence House is one of the residences of members of the British family. The BBC made a documentary about the life of Prince Charles. Intimate details in the film are divided all his family – sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, and his wife on the birthday Camilla Parker Bowles. In her interview she told how to get along Prince Charles with her grandchildren.

He kneels and crawls with them for hours, laughing, and my grandchildren love it, absolutely love it. He reads them Harry Potter, changing voice, and I think the kids really appreciate it,
– said the Duchess.

Prince Charles has not always been the perfect relationship with his sons, though he tried very hard to be their ideal father. Especially after Princess Diana, their mother tragically died.

The eldest son of Charles, Prince William admits that he wanted his father worked less and spent more time with their grandchildren.

“Now when he reached his 70th birthday, a good time to have a little stop. Because we, like other normal family, worried about his health. He is very hardworking and often falls asleep. I wish he didn’t have his spirit yet at least 95 years. Therefore, it would be great to spend the evening with him at home and see how he plays with his grandchildren. We need as much of it as possible,” shares intimate Prince William.

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