Real flirt: five of the most flirtatious signs of the Zodiac

Настоящие вертихвостки: пять самых кокетливых знаков Зодиака

Flirting has never been secret knowledge, ability to him, at least in embryo, perhaps everyone has. Some use their gift of coquetry exclusively for seduction, some have found it a useful tool to achieve goals not only in personal life but also in professional activities. One way or another, but there are people who know how to flirt so skillfully that their coquetry is impossible not to admire. Who of the Zodiac signs is the most flirtatious?


Here’s someone who can fall in love at first sight! In addition to high intelligence, which they skillfully then show, then hide, the Twins have mastered the art of nonverbal seduction. All their gestures, facial expressions, postures designed to attract and to conquer. They skillfully emphasize your strengths so when we first met with the Twins, people remain stunned and totally fascinated. Flirting this sign is often involuntary, this occurs on almost a subconscious level. The image of the yoke so tightly connected that they feel uncomfortable, if you do not have everyone’s attention.

They always need an audience, even if the strength of their powers of seduction aimed at one specific “victim”. After all, there’s nothing wrong with that they were in love with the whole world? And, I must admit, the Lions have all it can conquer all: they are charismatic, ambitious, they have a great sense of humor and they are always watching their appearance. To break etiquette or to speak incorrectly consider it below their dignity. Therefore, to conquer the fans they didn’t even have to make considerable efforts: the Lions simply enough to be. And, perhaps, a little bit to fluff up the mane.


They sting their charm: acute, right, and fast! Scorpions from the first seconds you know where the source of “soft” place and always hit for sure – that they have a strategy of seduction. However, they also skillfully used and touch: light and fleeting, barely perceptible, they allow the “victim” feel special. Flirty clapping eyes, Scorpions have a firm grip on the listener’s attention on himself.


For most of the Aquarius flirting is a protective reaction. Coquetry and wit saves them from many situations and troubles, which this restless sign often gets. They rarely use it for deception, even more rarely for Dating. Personal relationship they always prefer to build from a clean. However, the Aquarius partner will still have to accept the fact that for all others it will be just ducky: let compliments, to smile broadly, wink, joke around and behave like he is not married the last years of their Teens.


Their coquetry simple as ABC: they are fun and carefree, than to conquer others. Sometimes it seems that to find a common language Sagittarius can be absolutely any person, and fall in love with me – every second. What is the secret of Sagittarius? In his cheerfulness, he had no time to think of a strategy! His infectious cheerfulness and optimism replace him all the tricks of flirting.