Real-ghosts – scientists gave a discouraging response

Реальны ли призраки - ученые дали обескураживающий ответ

Since ancient times mankind believes in ghosts, spirits and demons that are firmly entrenched in folklore and even religion.

Now this phenomenon is engaged in parapsychology, which refers to a non-academic field of science.

Parapsychologists notice that by a strange coincidence of circumstances the activity of ghosts is often manifested in the dead of night. And darkness for humanity has always been something mysterious, unexplained and frightening.

But as far as ghosts are real. Scientists believe that they have a more rational explanation for this phenomenon.

According to these scientists, the paranormal experiences have nothing to do with ghosts, and are associated with a particular state of the human brain during sleep.

Professor of psychology at the University of goldsmiths, University of London Alice Gregory believes that there are several ways by which sleep disturbance can be confused with ghosts.

One of the reasons it is called sleep paralysis, which occurs in deep or REM sleep or the state – in this moment the person becomes paralyzed and he has vivid dreams.

However, about 8% of people retain some form of consciousness when they are in REM sleep. People in lucid dreams it seems that their dreams are transferred into real life, and it can be misinterpreted as a vision of ghosts, which are actually not.

“When we go to sleep, the reticular formation of the brain stem (the part of our brain involved in consciousness) usually begins to inhibit our ability to move, and we begin to see and hear strange things. But this is only a game of imagination,” explains Professor Gregory.

Scientists hope that such a rational explanation they will help impressionable people to reduce anxiety and fear of ghosts and not be afraid of sleep paralysis.

Реальны ли призраки - ученые дали обескураживающий ответ