“Real loss”: in Ukraine reacted to the resignation of Volker

"Реальная потеря": как в Украине отреагировали на отставку Волкера

Any successor will be difficult to surpass the current special envoy of the state Department in Ukraine

Kurt Volker / Photo: yes-ukraine.org

The decision of the special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volcker to resign after the publication of the controversial conversation between the US President Donald trump with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky has caused sharply negative reaction in Ukraine.

So, ex-Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin considers the resignation of an American diplomat real loss.

“Kurt Volker is the first not political, and it is a real loss. We care about him, it’s very rare in politics. Thank You, Kurt. Sorry. This is only the beginning, “wrote the former head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

The fifth President of Ukraine (2014-2019) Petro Poroshenko believes the news of the resignation of Walker as “disturbing”.

“His contribution to the strengthening of our strategic partnership with the US cannot be overstated. As it is difficult to overestimate its hardness and strategic vision to counter Russian aggression”, – said the former head of state.

“Kurt, we in Ukraine have felt more confident – and for a peaceful resolution, and progress on the path of reform, and the role of the United States. You set a high standard of trust and effective interaction, which is not easy to outperform any successor. Sincerely grateful, Kurt!”, – added Poroshenko.

Director of the Institute of world politics Evgeny Magda, too, sees advantages in retirement, Kurt Volker.

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“Possible main disadvantage – the abolition of the post of special representative of State Department on Ukraine. Unfortunately, the moment a favourable” – the analyst believes.

“Balance – we must remember that Ukraine is “pass” no one can, except the citizens of Ukraine. We are now in the area of great geopolitical turbulence, therefore, a need for internal consolidation, and with that – difficult”, – said Magda.

We will remind, according to American media, Walker could be involved in the discussion of the case of the son of Joe Biden with the Ukrainian officials. It appears the staff of the state Department, which requested members of the house of representatives investigating the “Ukrainian case”.

According to media reports, on Friday, September 27, Walker met with U.S. Secretary of state and Mike Pompeo announced his decision to resign.

We will remind that earlier incident with the complaint of an unnamed CIA agent to the President of the United States Donald trump because of his alleged pressure on the Ukrainian authorities, brought the White house from itself.

The us President recalled that the informant never saw the transcripts of the calls of his conversation with Zelensky and “just something about it heard”.

Recall that telephone conversation with Zelensky was the reason for the impeachment of the President of the United States.

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"Реальная потеря": как в Украине отреагировали на отставку Волкера

"Реальная потеря": как в Украине отреагировали на отставку Волкера

"Реальная потеря": как в Украине отреагировали на отставку Волкера

"Реальная потеря": как в Украине отреагировали на отставку Волкера