Real Madrid – FC Barcelona: clash of the titans

"Реал" – "Барселона": битва титанов

Fans of the main football Derby of Europe “real” – “Barcelona” should be satisfied. They were able to see three of the match involving real Madrid and Barcelona. First, the draw put the team in the Spanish Cup and now they will have a meeting in the Spanish League.

If you look at the statistics of real Madrid and Barcelona in the Example, then, it is not strange, but for more than 90 years, nobody has achieved significant benefits. “Galacticos” just one victory more, while the Catalans are only one goal more. Interestingly, and for the alignment before the game chances are equal. Experts Parimatch give 37% to win each team (and 26% for a draw).

"Реал" – "Барселона": битва титанов

But in the standings between the teams is literally the abyss. By the standards of the Examples exactly. Barcelona leads ahead of real Madrid, which is third on 9 points. In the first round, by the way, the Catalans at home finished with real Madrid 5:1. Of course, this time the factor of home field will be on the side of “real”, which took “Barcelona” in his field recently. However, on Wednesday in the match of the Spanish Cup to real Madrid this does not work, the game ended with the score 3:0 in favor of Barcelona.

“Real” is, of course, not the same team that last season. Madrid after the departure of Zidane and Ronaldo have not yet played at full strength. But if we are talking about the match against Barcelona, it will not have such a large value. The matches of these clubs are separate, and in what condition they are, and “Galacticos”, and the Catalans always give a bright and fascinating game with unpredictable results, to predict which come from only the brave. Sure, you can only be that we will see many goals. When they meet real Madrid and Barcelona, you can expect at least three goals scored. By the way, this option Parimatch is estimated at 64%.