Real Madrid on penalties beat Atletico Madrid and won the Spanish super Cup

Sunday, January 12, was played the final of the Spanish super Cup. In the match between two Madrid clubs – real and Atletico Madrid. Played a team in the Arabian city of Jeddah at the stadium “king Abdullah sports city”.

Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid 0:0 (4:1 on penalties)

The team spent quite a fighting game. However, without goals. Although the team has dealt almost forty strikes. More work was the goalkeeper Quique Cloud, who made 14 saves.

Therefore, the team postponed the determination of the winner at extra-time. But there we failed to score. Although the best chance was in Atletico Madrid, when after a mistake in defence Morata was one-on-one. However, to prevent this, Valverde went into the tackle, and frankly knocking down the opponent. For the player of real Madrid that ended in a red card, but on the field there was a fight. During her Carvajal accidentally stepped on the head of Morata. The striker then on the forehead left a trail.

Not scoring goals in extra-time, the teams went to penalty kicks. The first beat the players of real Madrid. Carvajal realized his attempt. But saúl Ñíguez with a mark hit the post. Converted his kick and Rodrigo, and Courtois parried the blow of Thomas Partee. Accurate and Modric. Gave the chance Atletico Madrid Trippier, who scored. But Sergio Romos was accurate and brought victory to real Madrid.

Therefore, real Madrid won the Spanish super Cup 2019.