Real politics permanently banned from EVE Online for violation of official powers

Реального политика навсегда забанили в EVE Online за нарушение должностных полномочий

EVE Online – a serious game. So much so that it is the Council of Stellar Management (Council of Stellar Management) that help developers to improve the cosmos. One of the places in the CSM took a real Washington politician Brian Shoeneman (Brian Shoeneman), elected by a democratic vote. Recently, however, he was expelled – and not just from Council but from the game itself.

On the website EVE Online developers announced that Shoneman, also known under the alias brisk, Rubal (Brisc Rubal) were excluded from the CSM and permanently banned from the game for violation of non-disclosure agreement. He allegedly gave confidential information to the members of his in-game Alliance. This data is subsequently used by another member of the Alliance to carry out illegal transactions.

Other members of the Board considered action of Sulemana a serious violation, and as reported by the developers. In the end, the politician lost his seat and accounts, and the other two player involved in this story, escaped a ban for one year and confiscation of illegal in-game money and resources.

In his “Twitter” , Shoneman denies any wrongdoing:

“For those who asked: I don’t know why I was banned and excluded from the CSM. I asked for clarification and didn’t get any. I categorically deny any violations and look forward to the opportunity to clear his name and restore his reputation”.

On Reddit politician went even further, accusing CCP Games is a lack of transparency and unfair blow to his dignity.

“These allegations have had a direct and negative impact not only on my reputation in the game, but my reputation outside of the game – lamenting , Shoneman. – I spent the last year working hard on behalf of the community that elected me to represent their interests in CSM. I worked hard, visiting more than 95 % of all meetings and conferences. There are no reasons why I would jeopardize it all, by breaking his word and risking their reputation to provide a companion in the game an unfair advantage”.

The player intends to use all available remedies.

Last year , Shoneman were already in the headlines. Western journalists caught him when he decided to run for a seat in the CSM. Them was impressed that in real life a gamer is a lawyer and professional lobbyist, the largest Union of Maritime workers in the United States. He also ran for public office as a Republican.

His experience , Shoneman later used for a small campaign that they dedicated the video below. He was elected in June 2018, having its place along with nine other members of the Council. After the victory he recorded another video, which you can find under the spoiler.

Message on the occasion of the victory in the elections game

Реального политика навсегда забанили в EVE Online за нарушение должностных полномочий

Реального политика навсегда забанили в EVE Online за нарушение должностных полномочий