Reboot media franchise: the Pokemon Company is working on a new mobile game

Перезагрузка медиафраншизы: Компания Pokemon работает над новой мобильной игрой

To create gaming products developers looking for game designer.

Experts in the field of design needed to develop new games. The team has already recruited experienced engineers, artists, producers and testers, which will help to restart the media franchise and release a completely new gaming product.

According to the manufacturers, they need “someone who knows the secret sauce for fun games”. A candidate for office must spend a lot of time in the company of their colleagues and, hence, good communication skills.

Staff game designer is located at Bellevue, Washington, where the Pokemon company. It is worth noting that the famous games have been developed with other game studios. It seems that on a new mobile game firm works independently.

The developers expect to be able to bring the game to the old generation of fans and acquire new fans that will develop the brand further.