Rebranding Foxtrot: the growth of online sales by 270% and network refresh

Ребрендинг Фокстрот: рост онлайн-продаж на 270% и обновление сети

It has been almost a year as the largest retail network on sale of household and electronic appliances has introduced a pilot project of a new format store in Brovary (Kyiv region) and said that it is launching a rebranding.

During this time hosted the reboot of most business processes online store FOXTROT.UA the upgrading of retail stores, the launch of new services.

Everything was done in order to maintain and strengthen leadership in the industry.

What has been planned, what actions have been reviewed and will continue whether the network update on the first press luncheon for the media in anticipation of the opening of a new electronics store in the city Mall Retroville said Alexey Zozulya, Executive Director of the Foxtrot.

For the year of rebranding Foxtrot (July 2019-July 2020):

• open/reformirovan 27 new format stores are planned before the end of the year to increase the figure to 40;

• frequency of purchase increased by 7%, the retention of customers increased by 20%, and a base of loyal customers has increased to 10 million;

• restarted the online store As a result, the share of online sales in the total structure increased to 20%, the proportion of the service “truck” (pickup online orders from any store) in the total turnover has doubled;

• compared to the previous year (June to June), the share of online turnover grew by 270%, traffic to – 2 times. And in the period March-may (the acute period of quarantine) online sales grew by 320%.

In retail stores of a new format focused the new brand philosophy, honed as a design and meeting the needs of consumers. This stylish, bright and modern look, optimized space filled with a balanced assortment, including the ability to order goods in the online store and off the shelf supplier.

The “heart” of each store space “the hub”, where under one roof the main functional areas: offices, receiving online orders and the service. Another separate sitting area is allocated for processing of consumer loans from the partner banks, a lounge area for coffee breaks and charging gadgets. Also have not forgotten about the most young buyers: for children there is a place where they can go about their business, while adults choose technique.

“For buyers it is very important to be able to order online and to obtain as quickly as possible – Foxtrot offered them this service. The points of delivery online orders are very clear time standards and cover 162 outlets in 90 cities of Ukraine”, – noted in the company.

According to Alexey Zozulya, the shops where already rebranded, and earned +20% in sales performance compared with other outlets of the network. However, this result depends not only on external changes.

“In fact, only light, new furniture, changing colors or design today the buyer is not surprised. He is interested in the question of reliability, guarantee of fair prices and high standards of service. So we’re making decisions that will significantly accelerate the purchase will make shopping comfortable and profitable. Every step towards the buyer welcome and expressed his loyalty to the brand,” – said the Director of the network.

For example, recently launched in the Foxtrot, option nice Price provides opportunity to buy equipment at a price that is fair at the moment. But if within a week after the purchase the cost there has changed, the shop will return the difference.

“We plan to move in the same direction, to develop Omni-channel model, improve and unify the service for any point of contact. In General is to strengthen the competitiveness of the company, to satisfy the interests and demands of our customers,” summed up Oleksiy Zozulya.

The coming of the festive opening of stores Foxtrot – new in Retroville Mall in Kiev and updated in the shopping center Victoria Gardens in Lviv will take place with this performance and gifts 24-26 July.

Ребрендинг Фокстрот: рост онлайн-продаж на 270% и обновление сети

Ребрендинг Фокстрот: рост онлайн-продаж на 270% и обновление сети

Ребрендинг Фокстрот: рост онлайн-продаж на 270% и обновление сети

Ребрендинг Фокстрот: рост онлайн-продаж на 270% и обновление сети

Ребрендинг Фокстрот: рост онлайн-продаж на 270% и обновление сети