Rebrov’s side have conceded 16 goals from the “Dnepr”, “Kremenchug” beat “Donbass”: video

"Динамо" пропустило 16 голов от "Днепра", "Кременчуг" переиграл "Донбасс": видео

In the championship of the Ukrainian hockey League hosted the final matches of the 5th round. “Kremenchug” on the road beat “Donbass” and “Dnepr” threw an obscene number of goals in the gate “Dynamo”.

Donbass – Kremenchug 2:3 (0:1, 1:1, 1:1)

“Kremenchug” took the lead midway through the first period. In the beginning of the second dvadtsatiminutki “Donbass” played, but the guests managed to regain the advantage. In the third period of a command have exchanged washers. As a result, victory “Kremenchug” with the score 3:2.

After this victory “Kremenchug” scored 15 points and continues to lead in UHL. “Donbass” with 7 points is in 3rd position. In the next round on October 2 “Donbass” will play away against Dnipro. Kremenchug October 3, will meet with “White Bars”.

Video of the match Donbass – Kremenchug

Dnipro – Dynamo 16:1 (6:1, 7:0, 3:0)

In the first period “the Dynamo” conceded 6 goals. But Kharkov is still able to hit the opponent and send one washer in gate of “Dnepr”. The first period ended with the score 6:1.

The second period began with a goal conceded MHK “the Dynamo” already on the first minute. The author’s goal was Alexander Shibaev. The authors of the eighth, ninth and tenth steel washer Lipsbergs, Janiszewski and Braga, respectively. By the end of the second period hockey players of “Dnepr” to score three goals against Metalist. The teams went into the break with a score of 13:1.

The first 9 minutes of the third period, the team stood no chances. Vladyslav Braga scored the 14th puck MHC Dynamo. The author of the 15th goal and a hat-trick was Alexander Shibaev. And for the sixteenth time struck the gate of Kharkiv Alexander Karakulko.