Receptors disconnected: coronavirus sick the doctor told me about the first symptoms

Рецепторы отключились: заболевшая коронавирусом врач рассказала о первых симптомах

Coronavirus in Ukraine were infected 1668, 52 people died, 38 patient recovered. Russian dietician Eugene Kobylecka contracted Covid-19 and described the first symptoms of infection in your Telegram channel. The medic said that the first troubling sign was the loss of her sense of smell. She couldn’t feel the taste of food.

“Everything was fine. I ate a cheese sandwich. Normal rye bread and normal cheese, like mozzarella. Eat and think – and why that cheese is so salty?.. And it is my sense of smell is gone and the delicate taste buds have shut down, leaving only those who make salt,” said the doctor.

The medic said that to the doctor she went only a week when she had the fever, until that time, she was treated at home with folk remedies. She also mentioned that he lost during his illness three pounds.

“If you do not feel the taste, that is not interesting. Just laziness,” she said.

Kobylianska was advised to strengthen the immune system and is serious about their health.

“Go to bed, wrap the throat with a scarf, wear warm socks, cover with a blanket and ask them to cook you some chicken soup… the Whole day, drink tea with lemon,” wrote the doctor.