Recipe for a summer picnic: guacamole

Рецепт для летнего пикника: гуакамоле

Guacamole – simple, easy, incredibly tasty snack that will brighten any picnic. Easy to prepare, pleasant to serve, in addition, you can enjoy the company. But not every guacamole is as good as the one we offer today. On – recipe from the chef of La Voile restaurant with two Michelin stars at La Réserve Ramatuelle Hotel, Spa and Villas Eric Canino


Avocado – 2 PCs.

Ground pepper of Chile – 2 pinches

Lime – 1 PC.

Finely chopped red onion? bulbs

Chopped green onions

Garlic paste (can be replaced with squeezed garlic.)

Olive oil

Salt, pepper


Mix olive oil and lime juice.

Split avocado in half, remove peel and pit. Cut each half into 2 parts.

Place avocado slices in a deep bowl.

Add chopped red onions and green onions.

Salt and pepper black and red pepper.

Drizzle with mixture of oil and lime, season with garlic paste (1 teaspoon).

Grate the zest of lime and add to bowl.

With a spoon or fork to crush avocado and mix with all ingredients.

Serve as an appetizer with tortilla chips.