Reconstruction of the house of Russov in Odessa 100 million: Trukhanov the possibility of compensation – Schemes

Реконструкция дома Руссова в Одессе на 100 млн: Труханов возможность компенсации, - Схемы

Reconstruction had to be performed at the owner’s expense

The Odessa city Council is considering the possibility to compensate a part of the allocated 100 million hryvnia from the city budget for the reconstruction of the house of Russov at the expense of private owners, associated with businessman Ruslan Tarpan. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the investigation of journalists “Schemes”.

The journalists appealed to the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov with the question of why the reconstruction funds were allocated from the city budget, without attraction of money of owners. According to Trukhanov, at the moment the legal Department of the Odessa city Council deals with the issue of compensation funds.

“We are looking to compensate for funds this issue is not closed. The legal Department does… of Course, if we can do that, if the court so decides, we will be able to arrange this, we will be happy to return these funds,” said Trukhanov.

According to “Schemes”, the Odessa city Council owns only 13 square meters of the house of Russov the remaining areas are owned by legal entities and individuals associated with businessman-developer Ruslan Tarpan.

“Room squares 450 and 98 square meters owned by “Petrex plus”, 882 square – OOO “Mechta”, 48 squares – LLC “Restavrator-1946”, 450 – Eugene Poberezhnyk. All of these entities and individuals associated with the Odessa businessman Ruslan Tarpan, the founder of the construction and investment group of companies “Inkor” – said in the investigation.

The law of Ukraine “On the protection of cultural heritage” requires to contain a monument to the owners, their authorized body or person. Also, the owner is obliged to bring the monument in proper condition in the case that attractions are in danger of damage.

According to the base of the interior Ministry, at the moment, Ruslan Tarpan is wanted.