Record hot August

Рекордно жаркий август

Last August was the fifth warmest on the planet over the entire history of observations. In both polar regions, the ice cover fell below average values. Especially dry this summer was in Northern Europe, Australia and South Africa.

Severe floods occurred in China and India, where under water was a vast territory. The deadly Typhoon has already wreaked havoc in Japan and Korea. In the Hawaiian Islands was struck by a tropical storm.

In southern Europe, August was more rainy than usual. In Italy, 11 tourists were killed in sudden flooding in the gorge. Meanwhile, intense heat in the spring and summer has led to drought in Northern Europe. Local farmers in despair as crops fell, and not enough feed for the cattle.

The intervening period from April to August was for the continent’s most warm. While August was the third this year, a month with exceptionally high temperatures.

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