Record low: scientists have discovered where the lowest temperature on the planet

Рекордний мінімум: вчені з’ясували, де на планеті найнижча температура

The lowest temperature is -98,6℃

Scientists have discovered the lowest temperature on Earth – minus 98.6 degrees Celsius in Antarctica. About it reports “Radio Freedom”.

A research group under the leadership of Ted Scambos from the University of Colorado found a record low in the analysis of satellite measurements of the ice cover of the southern continent.

It is known that researchers have found more than 150 times the temperature drops below minus 90 degrees in the South polar region in the period from 2004 to 2016. Researchers have published a paper on their measurements in the journal “advanced science on Earth and space”.

Before you publish an article – June 25 – the lowest temperature that I recorded was at the Soviet research station Vostok in Antarctica on the 23rd of July 1983, the temperature dropped to minus 89.2 degrees.

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