Record super League Messi became the player of “Kyiv-basket”

Рекордсмен Суперлиги Месси стал игроком "Киев-Баскет"

Рекордсмен Суперлиги Месси стал игроком "Киев-Баскет"

Basketball player Bruce Messi next season will defend the colors of “Kyiv-basket”. In the previous season, he repeatedly became the best player of the week in the Ukrainian Superleague.

On signing the agreement with a 30-year-old American shooting guard announced at the “Kiev-basket”.

The performance of Messi in the super League

The previous two seasons in the Ukrainian Superleague Bruce Massey spent in the “Odessa”. In the previous season he played 24 games averaging 20,4 points, making 4.6 rebounds and 4.3 transmission.

During the season, Messi won the title of best player of the tour and the month, and several times got in the symbolic five of the round.

Messi holds the record of the Superleague, when his efficiency rating in the match against “Kharkiv falcons” was 45.

For Americans this will be the third consecutive season in the Ukrainian Superleague. Prior to that, Bruce had the experience of playing in the American G-League and in the canadian NBL.

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