Redhead from “Simons” slip about the will

Рыжий из "Иванушек" проговорился про завещание

The singer doesn’t want his relatives fought for the inheritance.

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Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo, of whom 26 Jul turned 50, admitted that though watching them, but thinking to write a will just in case. The soloist of group “Ivanushki International” experiences that close people will start to sue for his property.

“But you never know, as they say – a brick falls on my head, PAH-PAH-PAH”,

– said the singer in an interview with “StarHit”.

Grigoriev-the Apollo admitted that he has an apartment in Moscow and housing in Sochi, where he spent the last few months, but savings had not. According to him, he is not afraid of age.

The star also commented on rumors of addiction to alcohol. The actor said that in show business, when everyone offers to raise a glass together, it is difficult to stay sober. Grigoriev-the Apollo lamented that sometimes people just deposited it, but he tries to protect the liver.

Andrew also told that after the divorce with his wife Mary still free, even though he’s Dating. Rumors about the separation of the spouses appeared in the autumn of 2018. Soon, the singer announced that he became a bachelor.