Reduce the risk of stroke and improve memory: Doctors have called a unique summer berry

Снизит риск инсульта и улучшит память: Медики назвали уникальную летнюю ягоду

Sweet berry nourishes the body with nutrients and improves the sleep cycle.

Summer fruit variety pleases everyone. This period allows the body to relax and get vitamin charged.

Doctors called a unique summer berry that has virtually no negative characteristics. This product was known to all the cherries.

Sweet berry nourishes the body with fiber, protein and vitamins A and C. the American experts have found that cherries improve antioxidant function of the body.

Nutritionist Rania Betaine believes that berry is the only natural source of melatonin (the hormone that is responsible for the sleep cycle). According to experts, 100 g of cherries before bed have soporific properties. Researchers at the University of Rochester conducted an experiment, which lasted two weeks. The results showed that those participants who ate cherries before going to sleep, began to fall asleep 17 minutes faster.

In addition to these properties, the cherries will also improve memory and reduce the risk of stroke. In the composition of berries has a substance anthocyanin, which strengthens motor function. Summer fruit helps to control glucose levels, blood pressure and coordination.

There is a myth that fruit red color provoke inflammatory processes in the body. It does not apply to the cherries. Experts from Boston University conducted an experiment: patients with arthritis every day gave 200 g of cherries. The result of the study showed that patients who ate a berry, a 35% decreased risk of heart disease.

Doctors recommend that maximum use of summer gifts to strengthen the body. However, the physicians are advised to consult with specialists to determine the acceptable consumption rate of fruit.