Reflection attack on Mariupol: Zelensky personally watched the maneuvers, video

Отражение атаки на Мариуполь: Зеленский лично наблюдал за маневрами, видео

The President watched the manoeuvres of sea protection.

On Saturday, June 15, Ukraine’s President-elect Vladimir Zelensky visited scientists of sea protection of state frontier service, national guard, and Napolilli SSES, which were conducted in the Azov sea. This was reported by the press service of the state border service.

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20 units of coast guard vessels, a helicopter and two special forces took part in military exercises to repel the enemy attack on Mariupol.

The participants developed the legend that the intruder explosives moving in the direction of Mariupol city, ignoring the warnings of the guards. To intercept the enemy vessel went out of the boat of sea protection of frontier service and the national guard.

Blocked the approaches to the coast. From the air covered the helicopter of the national guard.

At the end of the exercise was able to throw explosives at sea and apprehend criminals. After that, the dangerous cargo out of the water to get divers and neutralized it.

In Mariupol, the President met with entrepreneurs and metallurgy, familiar with the operation of the machine continuous casting No. 4 on the works of Zot Ilyich.

The President also took part in the opening of the latest Centre for mine action Emergency and rescue detachment of special purpose. Now more than 7 thousand kilometres on the government-controlled areas of Donetsk and Lugansk region are contaminated with UXO.

Отражение атаки на Мариуполь: Зеленский лично наблюдал за маневрами, видео