Refusal to vaccinate children puts the city and the country new outbreaks of diseases

Отказ от вакцинации детей подвергает города и страны новым вспышкам заболеваний

The risks of outbreaks of new diseases of towns and countries laid at the expense of ofvaccination children. This is stated in the report of the world health organization (who).

In particular, such risks at present, exposes himself to the UK. According to who, the level of protection of children in England against many serious but preventable with vaccines diseases fell in the past year, which, according to representatives of the UK health was “alarming trend”, which increases the risk of outbreaks.

The figures follow a warning by the world health organization (who) last month that Britain lost its status as a “no measles”, three years after it was destroyed by a virus. Measles has infected more than 230 people in the UK in the first quarter of 2019.

Data Public Health England (PHE) has shown that coverage for all 13 mandatory vaccinations for children under five years decreased by 0.2 to 1.0%.

Coverage with the first dose of MMR vaccine, which protects against mumps and rubella, has decreased to 90.3% in England in 2019 from 91.2% in 2018 – fifth annual decline in a row.

“Despite the fact that these changes are minor, this is a big problem from the point of view of public health, said Mary Ramsay, head of immunization at PHE. – This trend is a continuation of what we’ve seen over the last five years.”

A global study published previously, showed that the erosion of trust in vaccines, caused mainly by misinformation and rumors, and makes the population vulnerable to epidemics of disease. The spread of measles including major outbreaks in the United States, the Philippines and Ukraine, is just one of the health risks associated with decreasing confidence in vaccines.

Ramsey called on parents to understand the value of “saving offers” vaccination.

“None of the parents there should be no doubt as to the devastating impact of these diseases,” she said.

Jonathan Kennedy, a specialist in global public health at the University of London Queen Mary, warned that “when the level of vaccination against measles falls below 90-95% of the population, will begin to flash”.

Experts in public health and who claim that vaccines annually save 3 million lives worldwide, and decades of research consistently show that they are safe and effective.