Relatives of the victim in road accident of the child said, why do not want to take the help of driver

Родственники пострадавшего в ДТП ребенка рассказали, почему не хотят принимать помощь от водителя

Relatives of 16-year-old boy who was injured in the accident and has already had surgery, assure that the driver of “nine”, which brought down the child, behaves very rudely. Even without asking the child’s condition, he is in a daring manner proposed mother of 10 thousand UAH with the condition that she withdraw the statement from the police.

We will remind, on July 19, on the street Chkalov was the accident, which involved “nine” and 16-year-old cyclist. In the accident a minor boy was taken to hospital and operated on. He has a compound fracture of the clavicle. The driver of “nine” was told that his assistance – 10 thousand UAH – relatives of the child refused. Like, at first agreed to this amount, and then said that treatment would require 40 thousand UAH. Anatoly says that is not the culprit. They say that the cyclist had to miss it because he was moving on the main road. And laments that contact the boy’s relatives do not go.

The relatives of the victim’s radically different version. Mother and relatives of the child, assure that the care they offered, and tried to blatantly give money in exchange for withdrawal of claims. To shield them from the pressure, they turned for help to a lawyer. Here is what the mother of the injured child Hope Boyko:

– That kid is in the hospital, I learned from an employee of the ambulance – they called me and said that the accident occurred. When Sasha did an x-ray in the emergency room of the first hospital, came three men and brazenly asked me: “are You the mother?”. I said Yes. One tells me: “anyway, I give you 10 Grand and you take away the statement. Not – going to pay for a car repair!” And threatened that we will meet in court. And I have a child loses consciousness on a gurney in pain. Me all pereroslo – so aggressive they behaved! No one had, I don’t even know if either of them were the driver. They didn’t even ask that with a child! My son was diagnosed with a fracture of the clavicle with displacement. In an interview with the driver says that he allegedly learned that the surgery treatment will cost no more than 7 thousand hryvnias. But the amount of 7 thousand, which he called, is the cost of the titanium plate. The money we personally handed to the surgeon-the traumatologist. For treatment we have already spent 10 thousand hryvnias is the cost of plate and medicine. It is not known yet how long the treatment and rehabilitation, – tells Nadezhda Petrovna.

The boy’s mother admits: from the arrogance of the visitors, she was taken aback and scared. Seeing her condition, to communicate with them came a relative of the child Natalia Antropova.

When Nadia arrived at the hospital, the doctor said that urgently need a hard brace. At my house their collection five years ago, I fell and injured shoulder. Two weeks ago I had surgery on the shoulder joint. I immediately drove the child a bandage. When I arrived, Nadia was standing scared. Said in the hallway and there are people she’s afraid of them. They gave her 10 thousand. Understanding the condition of Nadia, whose son is in a wheelchair, and at home two children, I went to him myself. In the hallway stood three boys – two high and one smaller. One of them said, “We give 10 thousand!”. I asked for that to give. And he says: “He is guilty, and we solve this problem”. That is, in the moment, while the mother took the child to x-rays, the boy’s life was estimated at 10 thousand! I am outraged that the people who brought down the boy, arrived after the accident and became so rude to behave. I said that no one knows how much treatment will cost. I recently had surgery on my shoulder, just pulled a muscle, and I paid for it 40 thousand. And they decided that they will pay 10 thousand and will be innocent? Witness our dialogue became all the medical staff admissions – 12 people stood. I said that any money we do not need to communicate they will be with our lawyer to solve the problem and we will be in the framework of the law. These guys came to the “Lexus” with cool numbers. Talked to us like cattle. For us it is not about the money! I am a driver with 25 years of experience. If so, why not to come and ask how you can help? We didn’t ask for any money at all. I gave them an example of how much my shoulder has been, and now he’s manipulating this amount. Rights this driver or not right, will set the police. But first we need to remain human, – says Natalia.

Interestingly, the next day after a visit strangers in the hospital mother of the injured boy received a strange call. The family’s lawyer Ruslan YMCAs recounts its essence:

– It was a Saturday. The caller introduced the employee of Prosecutor’s office. Drew attention to the fact that you have all the evidence against the boy in an accident and they recommended the mother to take 15 thousand hryvnia that the case was closed. We have all this information told to the investigator. The boy’s bodily injuries of at least moderate severity, he has already put a titanium plate. It is not clear now whether he would be decorated with a disability. The driver told only his version. According to my client I have other information about how the accident happened. It is quite the opposite – there was no collision, and the hitting. A week passed after the incident, but after unpleasant for the relatives of the dialogue in the waiting room I as a lawyer is not called neither the driver nor his support group. My phone is the boy’s relatives have given them. The driver made no attempt to meet with the mother or to check on the child, – said the lawyer.

Obviously, to sort things out, the parties will have in court. In the Melitopol police Department said that the accident opened criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 286 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (violation of safety rules of traffic or operation of transport that caused the victim bodily harm of medium severity).

– The accident occurred at the intersection of streets of Chkalov and Zhukovsky. 16-year-old cyclist was crossing the road from right to left during the movement of the car VAZ-21093 which moved on the street Chkalov. The boy is in the hospital. In the framework of criminal proceedings will be conducted autotechnical examination, which will establish degree of fault of each participant of the accident or one of them, summed up in the Melitopol police Department.