Relaxed rolls of officials – Gar responded harshly to a statement Kirilenko about Eurovision

Расслабленные булки чиновников, – Сарган жестко ответила на заявление Кириленко о Евровидении

Press Secretary of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Larisa Sargan’m sure that thanks to his statements, the Vice Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko wants to live in tel Aviv another group.

About the lack of adequate information policy and advocacy she wrote on his page in Facebook.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko did not get tired to comment on the selection process for the Eurovision song contest-2019 from Ukraine. In particular, he noted that the winner of the national contest, that is, the singer MARUV, can not represent the country, and plays as the country-aggressor.

However, the press-Lutsenko’s Secretary saw these statements and “ulterior motives”.

The lack of information policy and advocacy at the state level and relaxed “bread” of officials in the course of five years, which relied only on the minds of Ukrainians. Maybe start with yourself, Mr. Kirilenko? And another scandal is no need to stretch out in tel Aviv KAZKA,
– reply to this Gar.

What’s wrong with MARUV?
Maruv has won the final of national selection for Eurovision-2019 and obtained the right to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest. However, many against the performance artist from Ukraine, because Maruv continues to tour Russia. Singer their concerts in the neighboring state argues that these performances contributes to “peace between countries”.

While Maruv says that he considers Crimea a territory of Ukraine. But I couldn’t clearly answer the question about the war in the Donbass. The singer said that it is very difficult for her, because her family lost their homes in the Donbas, and to her it is hard to say. Maruv added, “wants peace, and that finally it’s over.”

Note that the STB TV channel that broadcast all live shows of the National selection. has a right only to select participants and to count the votes of the judges and the audience. The final word belongs to NSTU National public broadcasting company of Ukraine, which after the announcement of the successful bidder signs the contract with the contractor. Regarding the solution of NSTU.