Release Linux 5.8 will be one of the largest and most important in the history of the kernel

Релиз Linux 5.8 станет одним из самых больших и важных за всю историю ядра

In the last few weeks published a lot of news related to the upcoming release of a new version of the Linux kernel. Already today Linux version 5.8 declared the release with the most changes in history – it includes 1 026 178 lines of new code.

It is expected that Linus Torvalds, Creator of Linux, will release RC1 in the next two weeks. During this time will complete the merge of the new code. Really change very much, so it is difficult to expect a stable (stable) version before the middle of August, but much is known already.

In particular, the new kernel will get optimization for the latest Intel and AMD processors, as well as a number of optimizations for ARM architecture support for new hardware components, major changes in the code the network part and the new open graphics driver AMD Radeon. Probably will fall of these distributions with the new kernel branches 5.8, Ubuntu and Fedora 20.10 33.

Among all innovations, notably the following additions:

-Support for encryption using the Trusted Memory Zones on the GPU processor.

Support clipboards P2P/DMA between the graphics accelerators (in particular for fresh AMD);

-Driver updates AMD, NVIDIA and Intel (including the initial support Gen12) and Habana Gaudi.

Driver AMD Energy finally open access sensors Zen/Zen 2;

-Will support “live migration,” KVM for AMD processors;

-The CPUFreq driver will receive support to boost;

-Will the PCIe NTB support for Intel Xeon Ice Lake;

-Implemented initial support architecture POWER10;

Is the traditional patches against side-channel vulnerability for major architectures and optimize for them.

About network innovations, such as support for testing Ethernet cables, we have already told as that all-flash array on the basis of the MLC can be configured as SLC. Not forgotten the development of the Microsoft exFAT driver, improved SMB3, EXT4, and Btrfs, support for DAX to directly access the nonvolatile memory.

Layer to support block devices will receive support encryption

Will not remain without improvements, the part dealing with security issues. Improved generator RNG, will support ARM CryptoCell and AMD PSP SEV-ES. But the reset function L1 cache when the context switch is withdrawn by Linus Torvalds – he thinks its “stupid”.

About 37% of all changes in Linux 5.8 is due to drivers, 16% – update the code to different processor architectures, 10% relates to the network stack, 3% for file systems and 4% to other kernel subsystems. Just a new thread made 14 206 changes affecting 20% of all files in the repository, the size of the patch 5.8-rc1 is 61 MB. Benchmarks of the new kernel in the near future plans to publish a popular resource Phoronix.

Релиз Linux 5.8 станет одним из самых больших и важных за всю историю ядра