Released a new application for the “removal” of people from photo

Выпустили новое приложение для "удаления" людей с фото

Often when shooting smartphone photos get strangers, and it can ruin a great shot. Therefore, the developers of the team Do Something Good presented the perfect way to “remove” the unwanted characters using the smartphone.

What is known about the new dopolneniya? As reported Artnome based mobile application called Bye Bye Camera is the classifier of objects of YOLO (You Only Look Once), which precisely defines the contours of the human figure.

After automatic detection and removal of the “extra element” neural network “draws” the missing elements of the background with a tool for context-sensitive fill.

Выпустили новое приложение для "удаления" людей с фото

Many of you asked us if we implement this feature. But for us, this program is not utilitarian in the classical sense. It is an artistic tool and the end result is a work of art-application for post human era
– said one of the developers, known under the pseudonym Damjanski.

Release date. App Bye Bye Camera is already available for owners of iOS-gadgets on the App store. The release date of the Android version announced.

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