Reliability and power: Audi will release a new sports electric car

Надежность и мощность: Audi выпустит новый спортивный электрокар

The German company Audi plans in 2024 to introduce a new sports car, the A9 e-tron, which will become a direct competitor models from Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar XJ EQS. On 6 July, according to Autocar.

It is noted that the car will get electric power plant of new generation and increased battery capacity. In addition, the model will complement the system of SAG-to-X, which warns drivers about traffic situations outside of their visibility – hazards, obstacles, traffic jams, accidents, bad weather conditions etc.

Volkswagen, which includes Audi, until 2029 plans to invest in development of vehicles with alternative propulsion systems 60 billion €. It is planned to produce 75 60 electric cars and hybrids.

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