Rename the Avenue Zhukov in Kharkov: the court refused to hear the case

Переименование проспекта Жукова в Харькове: суд отказался слушать дело

Kharkiv district administrative court refused to hear the case of the renaming of Avenue of Zhukov, citing lack of public interest in this case.

About it I wrote in Facebook the head of the northeastern division of the Institute of national remembrance Maria Takhtaulove.

“The judge Titov denied the petition Igor Chernyak and to Mr Bullock regarding the hearings on the renaming of the Avenue Grigorenko Prospekt Zhukova at the Convention,” writes Takhtaulove.

According to her, this means that no hearings will not.

“The judge will make a decision on the basis of claims and written explanations of the parties. That is, will not be able to attend neither the plaintiffs nor the public nor the lawyers of the city Council,” explains Takhtaulove.

According to her, the court “saw this matter of public interest.”

As reported by UKRINFORM, July 16, the Kharkiv district administrative court took into consideration the claims about the renaming of the Avenue Grigorenko in Zhukov Avenue and opened the proceedings at the two administrative cases.

To explain the Ukrainian Institute of national memory, there is no mechanism to “return” the old name of the street and call her that again forbidden by the Law “On assignment of legal entities and property names (aliases) individuals, anniversary and holiday dates, names and dates of historical events”.

Previously, the Institute made a demand to the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes not to sign the city Council’s decision to rename the Avenue Grigorenko in Zhukov Avenue.

On June 19, the city Council of Kharkiv was renamed Prospekt Petra Grigorenko in the prospectus of Marshal Zhukov. For renaming voted 59 deputies.

In may 2016, the Chairman of Kharkiv regional state administration Igor rainin signed a decree “On renaming of some toponyms in Kharkiv city” in the framework of the law on decommunization. It is, in particular, provides for the renaming of the metro station “Marshal Zhukov” in “sports Palace”, and the eponymous Avenue – Avenue Soviet major-General and human rights activist Petro Grigorenko, who spoke in defense of the Crimean Tatars and other deported peoples, and was demoted to the ranks in 1964.