Renault and Nissan were told how to share the peace and duties

Renault и Nissan рассказали, как разделят мир и обязанности

A new model of cooperation should help partner out of the crisis.

The revision of relations in the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, rumors of which went for the last month, have been confirmed officially. A new scheme of cooperation, designed to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of products, called “standard analogue”.

Its essence consists in the following. Brands are having in certain regions a stronger position, will play a leading role in helping its partners to develop these markets. In other words, someone is leading and someone – a slave. According to the concept of “standard regions” Nissan will be the leader of Japan, China and North America, Renault will go to Europe, South America and North Africa, while Mitsubishi will take over Southeast Asia and Oceania.

The geography of this new division is not limited to: will be distributed and responsibilities. So, Nissan will be responsible for the development of the autopilot and electric propulsion for vehicles on the platform CMF-EV. Diocese Renault will be a drive for machines for architectures CMF-A/B, as well as networking vehicles.

The middle of the next decade, Nissan will be responsible for upgrading the line of crossover of C segment, Renault and updates for Europe, a more compact SUV. For Latin America cars of both brands will be releasing on one platform instead of the current four. Also Nissan and Mitsubishi will continue to work together to make kei cars for Japan. Overall, by 2025, according to the similar scheme will be designed and produced almost 45% of all models of the Alliance.

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi expect with the new model of relationship development of new cars will become cheaper by almost 40%. In turn, regional zoning will allow you to distribute between partners a fixed cost and the most effective use of the assets of each of them.