Renault Captur: the fall of the French began, the Frenchman will change the market

Renault Captur: закат француза начался, француз меняет рынок

Sad the level of sales in India has pushed the manufacturer to curtail the sale and completely divert the model from the market.

CD cross Renault Captur in India have attracted not so many buyers. During the year we sold 6600 units, while Lamborghini Urus in 2019 worldwide has sold 8200 vehicles. Funny that the Italian showed the dynamics of sales is much better than budget French.

Indian Renault Captur – full analogue of the Renault Kaptur. The model shared a platform and equipment, and the only difference is the engine range. For India, the French provided a turbodiesel. Indian motorists reacted coolly to the Renault Captur and it still remains a mystery.

The segment of SUVs in the local market is very popular, but it was the Frenchman became the scapegoat. The KIA and Hyundai Seltos Venue is still very good. Koreans, even in conditions of poorly developed dealer network are confidently moving to the top of sales in the Indian market.