Renault has appointed a new President is arrested Carlos Ghosn

Renault назначила нового президента вместо арестованного Карлоса Гона

The Board of Directors of Renault adopted on Thursday the decision to appoint to the post of President of the Corporation Jean-Dominique Senara, currently heading the company for the production of Michelin tires, reports TASS.

CEO of French automaker has become, according to the decision of the Board, Thierry Bollore, who was previously on the post of Deputy President – General Director of Renault.

Change of a management of Corporation became essential after Wednesday, Carlos Ghosn, who served as President – CEO, resigned. The former head was placed in a Tokyo jail on November 19 on suspicion of violating Japanese financial laws.

The Board of Directors laid now on the new President of Renault full responsibility for representation of the interests of the Corporation in the Alliance of automobile manufacturers Renault – Nissan – Mitsubishi.

“He will be the main representative of Renault in the governing bodies of the Alliance,” – said in a statement.

Thus, now the President of Renault is playing a leading role in leading the Board of Directors of the company. Previously, both functions were merged and given Carlos Ghosn, who, according to radio station France Info, “has not expressed the slightest desire to share any power.”