Renault has released the first special version of Twingo “Le Coq Sportif”

Renault выпустил первую специальную версию Twingo «Le Coq Sportif»

Renault took a long time to release the first special edition of the model updated Twingo – and it is very French. This is because it is a partnership between the automaker and the French sports apparel brand Le Coq Sportif. Specifically named model Twingo “le coq sportif” uses specific design details of the brand, incorporating the national colors of France.

There are more configurations, but the French coloring model combines a white body color with asymmetrical side bands the cab: the French colors on the left side, extending to the roof of the car, and the le coq sportif logo on the right side. Other style changes include red mirror covers, blue accents on the front grille, red accents on the rear bumper, and icon brand sports apparel, built into the side moldings of the protective doors.

Inside the Twingo Le Coq Sportif 2019 welcomes passengers colors and materials, characteristic for a sports company. Door sills, floor mats, dashboard and bellows have a unique design and exclusive polished aluminum plate with the inscription “Twingo by le coq sportif” is located at the base of the gear lever.

Special edition of the Twingo is based on the top trim level and is equipped with a new 7-inch infotainment system Renault Easy Link with the ability to connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, automatic climate control, rear view camera system with Parking assistance rear and automatic headlights and wipers, among other things.

Available engines for Twingo le coq sportif include three-cylinder petrol units in volume of 1,0 l SCe TCe 75 and 95, which can be equipped as a five-speed?? manual transmission and six-speed?? EDC transmission with double clutch (only for turbo engine).

This spring, Renault Twingo le coq sportif will be available in body colors Quartz-white, crystal-white, Moon grey and Star-black.

Renault выпустил первую специальную версию Twingo «Le Coq Sportif»

Renault выпустил первую специальную версию Twingo «Le Coq Sportif»