Renault Trafic gets a mechanical transmission Megane RS

Renault Trafic получает механическую трансмиссию Megane RS

While in Europe, the Renault Trafic has given a significant upgrade in 2019, Australian buyers have to settle for the previous version.

But this does not mean that a cargo van will be available in Australia without updates: Renault has just announced the return of Formula Edition. Sports van 2019 model year changes color and is available in white or shtormove grey, red trim in the style of F1. In Trafic Formula Edition added a red stripe on the radiator grille, led DRLs built into the bumper, painted in body colour and fog lamps with bright red trim and black 17-inch Cyclade alloy wheels.

Inside Trafic Formula Edition added padding of dark fabric Java, driver seat heated, branded floor mats and instrument panel premium trim chrome. Since we are talking about the van, it should be noted that in the specification there is also a wooden cargo floor, installed by dealer, rear bumper and stainless steel.

Optional equipment includes wide-angle rearview mirror mounted in the sun visor of the passenger, led interior lighting, along with advanced security and climate control.

Renault Trafic Formula Edition is available as short and long wheelbase. As the power plant for the van you selected only one engine option – diesel 1.6-liter Biturbo 138 HP and 340 Nm of torque, and the transmission offers a manual transmission with six speeds from the “charged” hatchback Megane RS.

The prices range from 41 990 Australian dollars for the short-wheelbase and 43 490 Australian dollars for LWB models.