Renault will roll out the new model

Renault выкатит новую бюджетную модель

The press service of Renault has announced a brand new and affordable minivan. In addition, it became known the name of the new items, before held under the index RBC: it was called the Renault Triber. Practical and inexpensive cars could blow up the market.

However, the issue is about the model for Indian consumers, but do not rule out that Renault Triber, and proved it there, will be coming to other emerging markets. The car will be available with three rows of seats, with the latter not only can be but also be completely removed to maximize the useful volume of the trunk.

It is expected that van, whose launch is scheduled for this coming July, armed liter three-cylinder gasoline engine capacity of 68 HP, and is paired with a five-speed “mechanics”. According to IndianAutosBlog, the car will be available in versions with a turbo engine, but it will be presented later.

Renault Triber estimated at about 530 000 – 800 000 rupees in rubles at the current exchange rate can be equated to 500 000 – 756 000 rubles. So that the car could become an alternative to the LADA Largus. By the way, yesterday in Russia started selling the latest in ultra-low-cost bi-fuel version, whose engine runs on both gasoline and natural gas.