Rental housing for MPs: how much the state pays for it

Аренда жилья для нардепов: сколько государство за это платит

People’s deputies of Ukraine receive monthly compensation from the state for rental housing in Kiev. The website “Today” I decided to calculate how much money from the state budget receive the deputies at the residence.

For compensation of housing costs from the state budget spent UAH 40.6 million

The people’s deputies in Ukraine receive monthly compensation for housing costs. The Verkhovna Rada continuously publishes reports about who and how much money was allocated to the rental of real estate from the state budget. In the documents you can see that the number of MPs who receive compensation in 2018 ranged from 165 to 174. The least the people’s representatives received the payment in December 2018 – a total of 165 people, and most of all in January – 174. On average, the number is 172 people, i.e. almost 41% of deputies receive compensation.

The amount of compensation also changes. So, the payments to the deputies alternated by month – for example, in April all got 19 500 UAH, and in may – 150 UAH 20, this tradition survived until the end of 2018, on average, each month they receive 20 thousand UAH for the lease of apartments or rooms in the hotel “Kiev”; it turns out that one day they pay for 650 UAH.

Thus, the total amount of compensation for 2018 40.6 million UAH, while in 2017 it was about 32 million.

Recall that according to the state budget, in 2018, only the cost of the Verkhovna Rada allocated UAH 1.72 billion. The largest expenditure was on planned legislative activities – 897,1 million UAH and for the functioning of the Parliament is 771 million UAH.

However, payment of compensation to the people’s representatives make up a large part of the costs, especially when compared with other areas. For example, in 2018 for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy on has been allocated 14 million UAH. for state awards, scholarships and grants in education, science and technology – 30 million UAH.

Receive compensation and those who have housing in the capital

MPs receive monthly compensation for rental housing under article 35 of the Law “On status of Deputy.” It stipulates that the people’s Deputy of rental housing or renting a hotel room on the basis of his statement and copies of the document, which included information about his place of residence, monthly issued funds in the amount required by the estimate of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to compensation for the cost of the lease.

The law provides that the right to compensation is only for those members who have not secured housing in Kiev, and they was at a distance greater than 30 km from the borders of the capital.

Despite the fact that the people’s deputies go on a long vacation, monthly compensation of rental housing, they still charged. For example, in mid-July the Parliament has gone on vacation, and the work the MPs only returned on 3 September. But the compensation for August and half of July they still received, under the legislation.

Another issue is that of the 172 MPs who receive compensation from dozens of MPs still have a place in the capital, which can be seen from the declarations. In addition to the availability of housing, there are MPs with declared officially by the millions, which, however, also receive compensation.

“We analyzed more than 170 returns those members who received compensation for housing in Kiev last year (2017 – Ed.). As it turned out, two dozen deputies from different factions indicated their/family members the right of ownership of the apartment or house in the capital, and thus received compensation for housing. If elected officials lived in the capital their own homes, the state budget of Ukraine was able to save at least 4.4 million per year.”, – it is told in research of the Center for democracy and the rule of law.

The question of how to regulate this process and not to waste money from the state budget waste, has been raised more than once. So, it was proposed to toughen the law, according to which MPs are no longer able to take the budget money, while having their own housing. Although such a rule now exists in legislation, but no, this control is not carried out.

Аренда жилья для нардепов: сколько государство за это платит

Аренда жилья для нардепов: сколько государство за это платит