Report: material gain exceeds the espionage as the main motive of cyber crime

Доклад: материальная выгода превосходит шпионаж как основной мотив киберпреступлений

According to the annual Verizon Dolcedo on cybercrime, published on Tuesday, the motivation is material gain surpassed the spying as the main reason for breaking last year’s data.

The report States that about 9 out of 10 cyber attacks were financially motivated based on the study of more than 32,000 incidents and nearly 4 000 confirmed security breaches in 81 countries.

In the 2020 report, Verizon Business study of data breaches found that the number of confirmed data breaches has doubled compared to the previous year. Since the coronavirus pandemic forces people to stay at home, it is expected that the number of cyber attacks on businesses will increase.

This is also evidenced by the recent hacking of customer base by the British airline EasyJet, which has led to the data breach 9 million passengers.

The report notes that 86% of cyber crime was committed for money, not because of espionage. Stealing credentials, phishing and compromising business emails have become the cause of 67% of cyber attacks.

The more firms switched to web-based solutions, the more the hackers have to hunt for their databases. According to the report, irregularities in web and cloud applications increased to 43%, which is twice more than in the previous year.

Corporations such as Facebook, Salesforce, Google and Amazon have expanded work on remote, at least until the end of this year and it is expected that even more companies will follow their example. CEO of Verizon Business Group Tami Erwin (Erwin Tami) said that “digital conversion” models “work at home” during a pandemic coronavirus demonstrated a number of “red flags” for cybersecurity.

Many companies end up sending out employees to work from home, without thinking about what will happen to some elements of their security in the future, “said Irwin in an interview with Reuters. “I think that employees working at home are definitely more vulnerable to cyber attacks“.

Erwin said companies can protect themselves against cyber attacks, if employees will be trained in protection from phishing and other fraudulent methods of access to confidential information.