Reporter: the Scandal in Novih Sanzhary – operation “porkopolis”

Журналист: Скандал в Нових Санжарах - спецоперация «порохоботов»

Why in Ukraine there are no specialized quarantine facilities, and why for the month of the epidemic the Ministry of health was not able to create at least temporary? And that was generally the reason for the repeated postponement of the evacuation of Ukrainians from Wuhan?

These questions are answered Victor Dyachenko in an article for the Internet publication Ukraine news – From-UA.

Dyachenko argues that the structure of the Ministry of health is not prepared for biological protection. Moreover, in 2015, the “reformers” destroyed the public health service and consciously made the Ukraine defenseless before any epidemics. But, to turn to the observation of an adequate level of quarantine and a Soviet sanatorium, we just need him to convert and to create conditions that minimize the risk of transmission within and ensure that it will not come out.

“Nothing complicated, just need the maximum self-discipline and strict adherence to the prescribed rules. But even this was not vouchsafed the Ministry of health Skalecki! Evacuated just settled in the center of the national guard (former sanatorium), where they are free to leave the chambers and go from boredom at the corridors, in contact with the staff, maybe even take a selfie with the Minister,” – said the journalist.

According to him, the health Ministry three weeks couldn’t choose the room under the Observatory, as it turned out that almost all Ukrainian sanatoriums have long been privatized or “painted” on to other departments and hospitals, too, there is no space – there is the “extra” area has long been leased to private clinics or offices. And that, says the author, to save the ugly situation Skalecki rushed Avakov.

“It’s his national guard belongs to the medical center in New Sanzhary is in his Kharkov landed the plane with evacuees, that its fighters accompanied the buses and broke through a blockade of protesters. Now Skalecka owe him a great deal! Although, perhaps, Avakov not saved her, and Zelensky. And Skaletsky, realizing this and realizing that tomorrow she’s facing retirement, and then she will not help neither the Secretariat nor the Soros Foundation, in a panic hid in the quarantine evacuated,” – says Dyachenko.

Answering the question of who was profitable in a scandal in New Sanzhary, the journalist said that “prohobited”, which is “profitable to undermine the situation and to discredit the authorities, though that with them as much only no flirting”!

“Of course people took part in them voluntarily, but they were there someone is going, someone has agreed with local officials and police, someone pulled up activists, and the Sanzhary even brought “aunts”. Who? “Parkaboy” are now screaming that this is a special operation of the FSB, but for some reason it seems that it was a special operation of the “porkopolis,” – said Dyachenko.

Also in fanning helped and the Russian Federation, which uses it in their political games within the Minsk format, persuading Germany and France in the “incapacity” of Ukraine.

“Russia had to that relationship just as critical of the party, who used the information occasion to raise a new wave of “Kiselevsky”. To show how they organized quickly and conducted with visual observation of evacuated Russians in the city of Tyumen and compare it with the “wild Ukrainians” throwing stones at their fellow citizens”, – concluded the journalist.